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History and Backstories of California’s ‘1985 State Building Code’

This paper identifies key dates, specific legislative statutes, representative events, and underlying ‘backstories’ that collectively serve to provide a historical record…

‘Wheel Stop’ Tripping Hazards in Pedestrian Paths of Travel

Consider these commonalities at Photos 1, 2 and 3 below: A ‘wheel stop’ (serving no functional purpose) straddles a primary pedestrian route into a busy store; Even after multiple trip-and-fall incidents, management has not removed the known

Partner Promotion Announcement

AnnouncementSan Francisco   |   Feb 07, 2024

AVELAR is pleased to announce partner promotions, Mr. Antony Mills to Managing Partner and Mr. Tim Stauffer to Partner. We wish our new partners continued success in their careers at AVELAR. AVELAR is pleased to announce the elevation of Antony S. Mills to the Managing Partnership of the firm. Ms. Mill’s works with our litigation team…

Mechanically Driven Sources of Water Damage

Most moisture problems can be diagnosed by looking at the condition and asking how much water it took to create that problem. Solving the problem amounts to asking where that amount of water could have come from and where it should go.

Use and Abuse of ASTM Voluntary Standard F1637

ASTM International (founded in 1898 as the American Society for Testing and Materials) comprises a worldwide body of 30,000 volunteer experts and professionals, serving more than 140 committees, that produce 12,000 technical standards promoting safety, quality, and consumer confidence.

IBC vs. CBC – Exterior Wall Fire-Protection Difference

Consider a three-story, fully fire-sprinklered, 1-hour fire-rated, wood-framed Type V Group R-1 hotel building constructed under either the International Building Code (IBC) or the California Building Code

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