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Insurance ‘Wrap’ Policies

Like many comparable firms across North America, our company, based in Oakland, CA, not only carries out building enclosure evaluations (for plaintiffs and defendants) of large-scale multifamily

Let’s Eliminate Parking ‘Wheel Stops’ at Busy Storefronts

ADACalifornia Building CodeConsulting   |   Dec 01, 2019

As documented and detailed in our prior position paper, installation of wheel stops or similar devices are recommended – by the federal American with Disabilities Act

Tiled Shower Walls Are Comparable to Clad Exterior Walls

In many ways, ceramic-tiled shower walls can be investigated and evaluated in the same manner as clad exterior walls. Both rainwater and plumbed interior water have the same

Case Study: “Value-Engineered” Waterproofing Errors

In theory, “value engineering” should embody a multidisciplinary application of technical knowledge, specialized expertise, and common sense directed at identifying and

Position Paper: Uses and Misuse of Wheel Stops at Parking Spaces in California

ADACalifornia Building CodeConsulting   |   Jan 15, 2018

As documented in the following photographs, wheel stops are physical barriers installed at parking spaces to deter potentially problematic vehicle movement.

Case Study: Improper Use of Self-Drilling Tapping Screws in Stucco Cladding

Consider a large wood-framed stucco-clad school building constructed circa-2009 in a small coastal town in Northern California. The structure is highly exposed to storm winds

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