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Congratulations, Frank Wabiszewski, Jr. RRC!

Frank Wabiszewski, Jr., RRC has earned the title REGISTERED ROOF CONSULTANT (RRC®) from IIBEC. Mr. Wabiszewski qualified for this designation by meeting the requirements of a two-part program based on an application process and the successful completion of a challenging examination. He now joins an elite group of over 500 Registered Roof Consultants in the U.S. and Canada.

The RRC registration is administered by IIBEC from its international headquarters in Raleigh, NC and is rapidly gaining recognition throughout North America as a key element preferred by building owners, public and private, when retaining the services of a roof consultant.
IIBEC was founded in 1983 as a 50l(c)(6) nonprofit organization and its professional members offer unbiased design, repair planning, quality assurance, legal testimony and general roofmg, waterproofing, and building envelope services. IIBEC’s Registered Roof Consultants adhere to a strict code of ethics which requires the highest possible standard of professional judgment and conduct.

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