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Design + Reconstruction

  • Communication
  • Homeowner advocate
  • Schedule Coordiation

Areas of Practice:
Utilizing her extensive experience, construction knowledge, communication skills and strong coordination abilities, DeAnn oversees a multitude of tasks to advocate for the homeowner and act as the liaison with the construction team to achieve a successful reconstruction project. Her roll includes being the main point of contact for homeowners to assist with all questions or concerns, communicating schedules including any schedule changes, and arranging necessary access to each homeowner’s unit. Additionally, DeAnn prepares and educates residents on every detail of all potential impacts of the reconstruction project at the start, during and completion. DeAnn schedules any required access to a unit to minimize the inconvenience and disruption to homeowner. Additionally, her roll involves documenting interior conditions of the units before and after any interior repairs, developing guidelines of the policies and procedures put forth by the client, attends weekly site visits to discuss the status of repairs with the construction team and attends client meetings to update and further discuss the overall reconstruction process.
DeAnn prides herself on providing positive communication to all residents, the contractor, and the Board to ensure that the project remains on schedule having as little impact on the residents as possible. Any homeowner issues that arise during the repair process are swiftly resolved, maintaining confidence in the reconstruction process.

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