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Madeline Mesa is responsible for assisting Bill Weber (Senior Consultant) on home inspections, usually for water intrusion and mold reservoirs. During these inspections, both navigate each part of the home including the exterior, attic, and crawlspace. Additionally, she has been trained on mold sampling and installing relative humidity loggers. With the data we receive from sampling and data loggers she then translates it into a visual representation of the data so that it comprehensive for the reader.

Professional History:
Ms. Mesa has an educational background in three main sectors of environmentalism (economics, social, and natural), environmental assessment, environmental justice, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Additionally, she has performed work in the sections of Environmental Impact Report/Statements (EIRs/EISs) including but not limited to, community impacts, traffic and transportation, aesthetics, cultural resources, and air quality. She has also had experience in intricacies of city’s General Plans including but not limited to, conservation, open space, housing, and noise. In her educational experience with Economics, she focused largely on environmental economic policy and fiscal duties within her position as Fiscal Co-Chair of the Student Environmental Center at UCSC. Mesa has also had experience in several different statistical analysis programs that require a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

Educational History:
In 2019, Madeline attended University of California Santa Cruz, where she studied Environmental Studies and Economics Combined with Honors in Environmental Studies.

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