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Stacey Jackson works within our accounting department on accounts payable and accounts receivable. She is responsible for project related payables as well as overhead payables (insurance, license, and professional dues renewal). In addition, she assists in monthly billing process, corresponds with clients regarding invoice inquiries and payment processing.

Professional History:
Born into a family of construction workers in various trades, Stacey Jackson naturally leans toward the construction field. She is a highly motivated individual who takes pride in providing excellent customer service and communications. Stacey sees every day as an opportunity to learn, grow and serve others, with her main goal being providing her best quality work and enjoying every step of the process. Ms. Jackson has more than 17 years’ experience in Construction Office Management and more than 4 years’ experience as an Accounting Assistant, which makes her an excellent member of AVELAR.

Professional Affiliations:
Vice President of the Bay Area Stop Hating Movement (2006-2009)

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