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Tiled Shower Walls Are Comparable to Clad Exterior Walls

In many ways, ceramic-tiled shower walls can be investigated and evaluated in the same manner as clad exterior walls. Both rainwater and plumbed interior water have the same

Case Study: “Value-Engineered” Waterproofing Errors

In theory, “value engineering” should embody a multidisciplinary application of technical knowledge, specialized expertise, and common sense directed at identifying and

Case Study: Improper Use of Self-Drilling Tapping Screws in Stucco Cladding

Consider a large wood-framed stucco-clad school building constructed circa-2009 in a small coastal town in Northern California. The structure is highly exposed to storm winds

A Brief History of Code-Required “Fireblocking” at Concealed Spaces

On January 28, 2015, a deadly four-alarm fire at a three-story, wood-framed, mixed-used building (Photo 1) located at the corner of Mission Street and 22nd Street in

Analyzing Increased Solar-Driven Moisture

This case study supplements a prior report (“Solar-Driven Waves of Water Vapor Within Exterior Wall Cavities”) published in the July 2014 issue of Interface. That article described

Solar-Driven Waves of Water Vapor within Exterior Wall Cavities

Consider an apartment complex, constructed circa-2002 in a city near San Francisco, containing about thirty 2 story wood-framed buildings clad with traditional three-coat

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