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AVELAR offers a variety of in-house Architectural & Structural Engineering consulting services including peer review, review of existing structures for code compliance and building conditions assessments. We also provide quality assurance reviews for new construction of commercial and residential structures.


AVELAR has a team of experts who specialize in building codes, providing detailed reports on both current and historical building ordinances, regulations, and codes such as the Uniform Building Code and International Building Code.

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In legal cases involving alleged code violations, it is crucial to determine which local and state building codes were in effect at the time of construction, repair, or reconstruction. AVELAR’s massive library of current and historic code books enables our team to pinpoint the specific codes applicable to any building named in a lawsuit. Our architectural expertise in code analysis is further strengthened by a certified ICC Master Code Professional with extensive experience in the field. Consulting with our team is essential in navigating the complex process of determining applicable codes in any jurisdiction.

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Consulting of all types and sizes of construction and building related environmental issues. As experts in this field, AVELAR specializes and provides litigation support in Trade Standard Deviation, Construction Defect, Mold, and Moisture related building failures.

Consulting Services include:

Peer Review

Identifying and addressing potential issues associated with poorly defined construction documents is essential in avoiding problems during the building phase. AVELAR provides valuable support that helps minimize the risks to architects, developers, contractors and building owners of commercial or residential projects. We can help guide the process with information attained from participating as experts in a vast amount of construction litigation cases, as well as from our extensive knowledge and experience in building systems and materials, and successful completion of numerous reconstruction projects.

AVELAR can also provide piece of mind and confidence during the construction phase by observing the work as it is performed or providing third-party inspection services. We can ensure that the work conforms to the plans and specifications prepared by the Architect of Record, and that it conforms to the manufacturer’s standard details and requirements.

Code Compliance of Existing Structures

The AVELAR team can help owners protect against future claims when their building is being built, repaired, or reconstructed.

We offer expert advice for:

  • Building Codes. Our ICC certified inspectors resolve construction and design challenges to help ensure compliance with local and state codes.
  • ADA/Accessibility. Our architectural staff has been trained and tested to render expert opinions as to whether buildings and sites are in compliance with state and federal codes and regulations for accessibility for the physically disabled. The team is led by a Certified Access Specialist, who is a founding member of the Certified Access Specialist Institute, offering unrivaled depth and breadth of knowledge in this area.
  • Building Conditions Assessment
  • Building systems and components have a finite, service life. AVELAR’s evaluation of their useful life — along with recommendations and potential cost projections — provide clients with information that allows them to make decisions on how best to move forward with the maintenance of their buildings.

Course of Construction Review

As forensic Architects and Structural Engineers, we are familiar with the recurring problems that can plague even the most conscientious builders and architects. We have acquired knowledge and skills from a wide range of construction-related problems that make us uniquely qualified to identify liability issues and effectively manage risk. We can complement a client’s in-house expertise to spot potential problems before they arise, and promote design and construction practices that pre-empt commonly claimed construction defects that could potentially lead to future litigation.

We offer these services to assist in completing successful construction projects:

Quality Assurance

  • Conduct a plan review that specifically addresses code compliance issues
  • Identify assemblies that could be problematic (resulting in water infiltration, for example)
  • Offer recommendations for addressing potential issues
  • Conduct periodic site visits throughout various phases of construction to assure the construction complies with the construction documents and adheres to the highest quality

Third-party Testing

  • comply with the requirements of many municipalities that now require independent inspections for new waterproofing elements
  • Review and verify the adequacy and compliance of exterior wall assemblies to cited codes and standards during installation
  • Submit reports to the design team for their records

Community Association Services

Improperly maintained common-area components can lead to extensive damage, devalued property, and increased vacancy or tenant turnover. By combining our proven expertise, innovative approach, and cutting edge technology, AVELAR supports Community Associations in successfully planning for and managing the ongoing upkeep and repairs of common-area components.

SB326 Inspections & Reporting

SB 326 requires Associations to conduct visual inspections of exterior elevated elements and load-bearing components six feet above ground, including: balconies, decks, patios, and elevated walkways to be conducted by a licensed structural engineer or architect of a random and statistically significant sample of exterior elevated elements for which the association has maintenance or repair responsibility.

The inspection shall determine whether the exterior elevated elements are in a generally safe condition and
performing in accordance with applicable standards.

For existing HOAs, the first inspection of Exterior Elevated Elements needs to be completed by January 1, 2025.
AVELAR provides Structural Engineering Inspections for SB326 (Senate Bill SB 326) and SB721 enacted January 1, 2020 for balconies, stairs, and decks. (California Civil Code 5551)

Environmental Consulting Services

AVELAR specializes in forensic analysis and the design and repair of commercial properties, single-family and multi-family residential buildings with environmental issues. As leaders in the fields of remediation, mitigation, investigation, and repair of damaged structures, AVELAR’s Environmental experts possess extensive knowledge in the drying, assessing, testing, remediating, and repairing of construction defects and smoke/ fire / water damaged properties.

Architectural Project Management Services

For over forty-five years AVELAR has expertise in managing and expediting reconstruction projects by providing a full range of services tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Scope of Work Development and Bidding

Deciding on what type of repairs are necessary can be a difficult task. AVELAR can define the appropriate scope of work for the project so that all concerns are addressed. We can also guide the Association through the bidding process to ensure the selection of a qualified contractor.

Contractor and Consultant Coordination

Extensive construction projects often require multiple design professionals and consultants whose work must be integrated and coordinated. AVELAR can provide coordination services with other design professionals or special inspectors required by the jurisdiction to help the construction project run smoothly and efficiently.

Construction Management Services

The AVELAR team can assist Community Associations by professionally managing repair and/or maintenance projects including, re-roofing, asphalt rehabilitation, exterior siding/deck repairs and painting, pool rehabilitation and more. We will ensure that the work is completed as specified in the construction documents and manage any needed changes in the scope of work as they arise.

Site Surveys

At some point, every Community Association will experience issues related to an aging infrastructure. With our vast experience, AVELAR can help the community’s Board of Directors and Association managers understand the depth and extent of the issues with a comprehensive site survey. Site surveys can be component specific (e.g., looking for safety issues such as deteriorated deck or staircase supports) or they can encompass many site components at once (e.g., general inspections to identify components where maintenance has been deferred). Whatever the situation, our site surveys will identify those components in the most immediate need of repair, the best and most cost-effective way to repair them and a realistic cost to do so.

Homeowner Representative Services

Our experience has shown that thorough construction knowledge, good communication skills and strong coordination are the keys to a successful repair or reconstruction project, regardless of the scope or complexity. Many homeowner associations lack the necessary time, skills, and personnel to successfully manage repair or reconstruction projects for multi-residential structures. The RA&A team can assist by acting as an owner’s advocate and liaison with the construction team.

Our homeowner representative services include:

  • Meeting with homeowners at the project’s beginning and during the process to discuss the scope of the work and schedules, and to arrange for access into the units
  • Scheduling and coordinating unit inspections and repairs to minimize the inconvenience and disruption to homeowners
  • Documenting interior conditions of the units prior to repair to uncover anything that may impact the work
  • Developing guidelines and/or procedures to make the reconstruction or repair process more effective
  • Corresponding with homeowners about schedules and schedule changes, special meetings, updates and more
  • Conducting weekly site visits to meet with the contractor, construction manager and homeowners (where appropriate) during the reconstruction process
  • Attending Homeowner Association meetings and provide monthly progress reports to the Board of Directors
  • Documenting any damage or accident reports and ensure all corrective action is taken
  • Providing a point of contact for homeowners with questions, concerns or complaints


You can reach AVELAR with any questions, requests for information, or estimates at:

Email: info@ravelar.com  Phone: 925-954-4978   Fax: 510-893-5874

Jobs: jobs@ravelar.com      Accounting: acctgdept@ravelar.com


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