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AVELAR offers a variety of in-house architectural design services including reviewing, administering and facilitating key aspects of new and existing building construction. Our evaluation and assessment of design and construction documents, existing building conditions, bids and contracts provides the necessary oversight to minimize adverse risk to our clients, the design and construction professionals involved, and the project overall.


AVELAR offers a variety of in-house architectural design services including reviewing, administering and facilitating key aspects of new and existing building construction.

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Our evaluation and assessment of design and construction documents, existing building conditions, bids and contracts provides the necessary oversight to minimize adverse risk to our clients, the design and construction professionals involved, and the project overall.

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AVELAR provides stand-alone structural engineering services as well as integrated support of broad project teams.

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While we specialize in reconstruction and evaluation of existing buildings, we also have wide ranging experience in new building design. Our expertise includes foundations and concrete structures, evaluation and repair of wood structures, and forensic / litigation support.

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AVELAR has expertise in managing and expediting reconstruction projects by providing a full range of services tailored to meet a variety of needs. These services include:

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  • Scope of Work Development and Bidding
  • Contractor and Consultant Coordination
  • Construction Management Services
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Architectural Design Services:

  • Overall Repair Plan
  • Schematic and Design Development
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Bidding and Negotiations Support
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Historic Restoration
  • Design-Build

Overall Repair Plan

Our Overall Repair Plan (ORP) assists clients in assessing and prioritizing repairs or improvements to existing structures that were identified during litigation or a building condition assessment. The ORP process is project specific and involves the development of a plan that addresses immediate and long-term repair needs. The ORP is a roadmap and essential planning tool intended to consolidate all relevant information required by clients to enable informed decision-making and establish a repair scope and timeline based on available funds.
In developing an ORP, we:

  • Conduct an initial client meeting to establish the project parameters
  • Perform field surveys and testing, if applicable
  • Assemble and evaluate all available information including original construction documents, maintenance records, and surveys, etc.
  • Develop a working document that outlines existing conditions of the structure, required, recommended and optional repairs, a proposed schedule, and associated estimated costs
  • Offer recommendations for alternative materials and repair methods based on available funds
  • Make necessary alterations based on client feedback

Once the ORP has been approved, it will serve as a basis for the bidding and construction documents required for the actual repairs and reconstruction.

Schematic and Design Development

During the initial stage of a design project, AVELAR will meet with the owner to understand the project goals and requirements. Our team can then conduct the appropriate research and produce schematic design documents outlining the concept of the design. These include drawings, an outline of specifications and other documents that illustrate the scale and relationship of the project’s components. Once approved by the owner, the project can move forward to the design development phase.

During design development, AVELAR will produce design documents with more detail. We’ll refine and develop various aspects to include additional details for the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as materials and other elements needed for the project. Once approved by the owner, the project can move on to developing construction documents.

Construction Drawings and Specifications

Construction drawings and specifications are needed to obtain comprehensive construction bids, building permits and construction contracts, and to identify all the work that is necessary. They establish and define the scope of work, and the quantity and quality of the work to be performed by the general contractor. Construction drawings and specifications prepared by licensed architects protect both owners and contractors from potential discrepancies or misunderstandings during the course of construction. A comprehensive and well-thought-out set of contract documents is the unifying directive that leads to the successful completion of the work.

The AVELAR team can:

  • Prepare construction drawings and specifications suitable for bidding and construction
  • Submit construction drawings and specifications to the local governing agencies for review and the issuance of building permits
  • Manage and coordinate the plan check process
  • Update the documents as necessary to address plan check comments issued by the Building Department for final project permit approval

Bidding and Negotiations Support

AVELAR can direct and provide oversight of the entire process to secure construction bids from qualified, fully licensed and insured general contractors or subcontractors. Our services include:

  • Pre-qualifying bidders
  • Distributing bid packages to pre-qualified contractors
  • Conducting on-site, pre-bid walkthroughs and meetings with prospective contractors
  • Responding to contractor questions and issue addenda as necessary
  • Securing sealed bids from contractors
  • Evaluating bid results
  • Reviewing bids with clients
  • Helping clients coordinate interviews with bidders
  • Assisting clients and their legal representatives in preparing the agreement between the owner and contractor for the work

Construction Contract Administration

Once a contract has been negotiated and executed between an owner and contractor, AVELAR can provide administrative services to ensure that the construction work being performed complies with the contract documents. Our services during this construction phase include:

  • Coordinating and participating in preconstruction meetings with owners and contractors
  • Monitoring the contractor’s project mobilization and start-up
  • Visiting the site on an as-needed basis to observe the progress of construction and general conformance with the construction documents
  • Communicating with the owner as to project status, scope and schedule
  • Interpreting the documents and issuing any necessary clarification or modifications
  • Reviewing submittals, shop drawings, samples, mock-ups, schedules and punch lists to conform with the intent of the design documents
  • Reviewing and approving payment requests and change orders
  • Assisting in the close out of the project

Presentation Drawings

The AVELAR team is well versed in computer-aided design (CAD) and technology, so we can prepare presentation drawings that:

  • Communicate a scheme for a project
  • Illustrate the key areas of the design concept or ideas
  • Make a record of an existing condition
  • Define in graphic form any information that can assist others in understanding the project

Historic Restoration

The restoration/preservation and reconstruction of historic structures requires great attention to detail and an understanding of the process that ensures responsible treatment of culturally and historically significant and important buildings. The AVELAR common-sense approach is one that is sensitive and respectful to the architectural integrity of the original design, while balancing the needs, expectations and financial budget of the client.


Design-Build is an alternative to the traditional “Design-Bid-Build” project delivery system that incorporates design and construction services under one contract. This well-established project delivery system — which is embraced by the American Institute of Architects — uses a team-based approach that is both efficient and cost effective.

There are numerous advantages of Design-Build, particularly in the context of post-litigation repair work. These include:

  • Single source of responsibility
  • Efficient transfer of project knowledge from litigation team to reconstruction team
  • Reduced architectural design and administration services
  • Communication and contract transparency
  • Focus on best industry practices and expertise with most reliable building products
  • Cost-competitive subcontractor bidding
  • Guaranteed maximum price contract

AVELAR has worked with a variety of general contractors to successfully complete Design-Build repair work on hundreds of projects and thousands of units ranging from single-family homes to large apartment, condominium and commercial developments, to historic properties in need of rehabilitation. Our Design-Build team provides an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality approach from a single source.


You can reach AVELAR with any questions, requests for information, or estimates at:

Email: info@ravelar.com  Phone: 925-954-4978   Fax: 510-893-5874

Jobs: jobs@ravelar.com      Accounting: acctgdept@ravelar.com


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